What are advantages & disadvantages of CPM ads on a blog?


You learn how ad networks work, how online advertising works, and why ads on site are a waste of time

( Assuredly, someone who is an advocate of these platforms or the rare person who has will tell us how I’m wrong )


Ads on a blog destroy the user experience. People hate ads. Ad blocking is a thing because of the desperate attempts to remove awful and irrelevant ads from sites. You’re hurting your real potential in blogging merely by having them.

Truly, a poor(er) user experience adversely affects SEO, word of mouth, subscription rates, sharing rates, and more.

So how do you make money with a a blog!?

Consider a sponsor – the right sponsor can lend credibility to your site.

Consider affiliate marketing – this take a massive amount of traffic but clearly promoting specific products and services by creating valuable content works because you are transparent about it and still providing value.

Blog for a business. The best way to make money by writing is to be writing because of your business. Most businesses neglect this but “content is king” is a phrase for a reason – make money with the business you have and blog simply because it’s the ideal way to attract and influence business.

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