Can a small team with a disruptive idea raise a seed round to build an MVP?

Getting Started

I can’t think of any time ever that anyone has raised a seed round to build an MVP.

You’ve been misled.

The MVP is what you build. A website. A newsletter. Social Media audience. You build something minimal, that alone could be viable.

Yes, say, a newsletter. If you can prove that people want that, and then get a sponsor, you have a minimal and viable product. You’ve proven people are interested in what you’re doing.

A website? Yes. It takes a weekend and a few hundred bucks. Promote your plan, value proposition, and put up a form to sign up. Prove people want it. That’s an MVP.

From there, you can substantiate Friends and Family money, or hopefully convince and technical cofounder who likes what you’re doing, to join you and build it.

If you can do all that, then Angel Investors.

Seed doesn’t mean start. Seed means seed your growth. You have to start.

Because think about it, if you can’t do any of that, why would anyone invest?? Wouldn’t you invest in the team that can do all that without needing money to do it?

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