My cofounder is still in school. Will investors allow them to continue when funding us or what should we say?

Getting Started

Tell investors who don’t allow someone to finish school to piss off. I’m serious.

Investors know the circumstances on the ground. Startup investors do NOT take advantage of founders; startup investors.

The most important factor in a startup is the team. An investor causing strife in a team, pressuring one to quit school no less, is an idiot. Yes, I said it. Send them those that do this post so they can tell me I’m wrong.

Now, all that said, an investor has every right to advise and vote, in accordance with their shares,to make sure their investment returns – meaning making a company work. That can mean a different team.

Your question says “allow.” Hence my tone. Don’t take investment from anyone who would require someone quit school so they can profit… unless it’s the right thing to do 😉

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