Do you recommend working in a related company before starting a startup?

Getting Started


The average age or a successful founder is 44. A 65 year old founder is 4x more like to succeed then a 20 year old.

Why? Mere age??


Experience, network of people, and resources (money).

Those three things are the PRIMARY cause of success.

Then, the typically cited reasons startups fail like poor marketing.

If you want to be successful, some day, do as much as you can to have relevant experience, people, and money.

Or think of it the other way around, you’re considering investing your time and money into a venture, in which you DON’T have those things (at least, not as much as you could have). Most would agree that that’s a little insane. You’re proposing using your time and money to figure out in the process, a lot of things others already know, without a ton of peers to whom you can turn for help.

Work in a company related to what you want to do. That’s how overwhelmingly most success happens. And if you’re going to do a startup, I presume you want it to succeed.

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