How Can I Find an Investor for an Invention?

Getting Started

Best way is always that investors come to you. Every major raise and most successful early investments are because investors want in that thing.

Having to find and introduce investors is counter-intuitive to what they want.

They don’t fund inventions nor IP, they fund businesses and exits (acquisition or IPO oriented work). Meaning, you have to do the work of establishing that you have such a thing and are ideally doing enough that they find and come to you.

Now, lots of ways you can do that…

  • Build a team
  • Launch a site and media and show demand
  • Get into an incubator
  • Pre-sell: get LOIs and agreements that people will pay for what you’re doing

No right answer as to how to definitively get going as what’s right is a matter of what works; and that’s very conditional on what you’re doing.

What is fairly clear is what doesn’t work.

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