How do I get funds for my startup when angel investor sites charge fees to advertise?

Angel investors aren’t found by paying fees to advertise. Whatever that was, it’s a scam, not in the typical sense of a scam but in the sense that they’re taking advantage of founders who don’t know better.

Please, send them this. People like me are happy to take them down a notch

Angel investors are individuals who invest in startups. They’re not hard to find they’re typically known, or executives in relevant companies.

But let’s back up.

No one funds ideas. Ever.

So you’re not getting funds for your startup because of a couple ideas.

You’re incredibly upside down and misled about how this works.

Start a company (a Delaware C Corp), build something (a site, a landing page, a massive community…), get some advisors and team members, and prove anyone wants what you propose (grow the audience, get LOIs, sell something). Now, prove too that you can compete and that this can get acquired.

Now you can get money from Angel investors.

Before that, you’re looking to personal funds, debt, grants, or a job that pays you while you do this on the side. Maybe friends and family support.

That’s how everyone does it. No one, ever, has an advantage and gets investors any other way (even if it seems like it); people who seem to have an advantage usually do because of their own wealth, a couple decades of experience, or (yes, frankly), coming from money.

Startups start by founders putting weeks and months of work into building something, themselves, and in time, others want to support that.