How do I prove to a venture capitalist that I have a team?

Getting Started
  • Does everyone on your team have their role listed on their LinkedIn profile?
  • Do you have a team page on the website? Buried even (as a Team page isn’t exactly something you need/want prominently on your site) – is there somewhere online to see the team?
  • How about a Facebook Page and Group for the company – everyone on the team could be Admins/Moderators in the Group
  • Everyone’s Twitter profile referencing the startup?

Investors in a team are looking for a few things…

  • Does the team cover pertinent skillsets and roles?
  • Do they complement one another?
  • Is there some experience there?
  • Are they committed?

… And it’s that last point that I’m reinforcing with my first list of bullets. What does it say publicly when you say you have a team but no one on the team reinforces that by affirming as much on their social profiles?

Proof accomplished.

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