How do I stop struggling to make money as a marketer?

Accept first that unfortunately most are.

Marketing has devolved into lead gen tactics and channel specializations (search, social media, “digital”), and such roles are usually early career and ROI driven. If you fall short of expectations, you’re out the job and you make it tougher for the next person; as you’ve lowered the perceived value of said channel.

Yay “Marketers”

Marketing is the work of determining what a business does to create customers. No one should be taking a “marketing” role in a business where the business is already dictating what to do and expect. That’s a recipe for failure.

When you are not empowered to TELL the business what to do, what to expect, how, and when, you aren’t in marketing. Run from that job. And send that employer this answer.

And appreciate, I mean that across the board. If you aren’t empowered to tell the business to fix it’s homepage, or reallocate budget from Sales to AdWords, or change the product to be blue instead of red, you aren’t in Marketing, you’re in Sales Engineering… you’re in Promotions… you’re in Advertising. And no one should be in THOSE roles without Marketing determining that they’re needed, why, and how.

Most are struggling to make money in Marketing because most aren’t actually in Marketing, and most are employed by businesses that thing Marketing is what you do to sell more stuff. That mix for disaster causes businesses and other professionals to discount the value of “marketing” because THAT never works well.

Seek a job where Marketing is a priority, where a head of Marketing is hiring based on marketing; not where a business owner or founder thinks they need you to get more of something.

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