Is marketing ethical?

Is understanding your market, so as to best serve it, ethical??

It’s unethical to take investors money to start business without knowing the market.

It’s unethical to gouge your customers by overcharging them when you need not be doing so.

It’s unethical to employ people when you’ve not studied the competition and are likely to get put out of business.

It’s unethical to excite a team about a product that has no market validation or research behind it to know if the industry well bear it.

Marketing is incredibly ethical. Failing to do it is inexcusable.

Economist Peter Drucker once noted that only two things creat value in business – Innovation and Marketing – and that Marketing is the distinguishing of the two.

Pray tell, how is running a business, spending people’s time, reputation, and money, that doesn’t do that, ethical?

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