Is working in Silicon Valley overrated?


Now, many are going to say it is, because it gets tons of attention, people like to think grass is greener, or they favor the way things are where they are; but the bottom line is that no, it’s not overrated.

Many things can be said about the challenge of working in Silicon Valley…

  • It’s stupidly expensive
  • It’s aggressive about talent
  • Politically… biased (shall we say so as not to make this a politically oriented discussion/answer?)

But, here are the facts.

  • Innovation is expensive, anywhere in the world; because, technology must compete globally
  • Investment is largely based on knowing the team
  • Experience is critical to success, evident in the average age of entrepreneurship being 40, after people have worked
  • An MBA is debatable…

Let’s digest all that.

Working in Silicon Valley offers a few things that you can really still only get there. Namely, those facts. Anywhere else in the world falls short of something, and I say that while being an ardent advocate of Austin, TX.

Working in Silicon Valley gets you adjusted to the higher cost of doing business, connected with high risk and technology sophisticated investors, provides opportunity to work with MOST of the most disrupted companies in the world, and provides all that experience in one place, in place of an MBA.

Name for me anywhere else in the world where you can accomplish all that. To start one’s career, in the last 30 years+ (and for the foreseeable future), there is no comparable.

IF you’re willing to put up with those downsides of being there, make that investment in yourself, there is really no better place to start IF you desire to work in the type of company characterized by “Silicon Valley.”

IF you aren’t seeking those costs OR you aren’t really suited to that career path, then don’t live there… but that doesn’t mean it’s overrated.