What should I look for in an online marketer?

The fundamental skills of today’s marketer are in Data Science, Website Development, and Search

Note, I didn’t say SEO nor web analytics. What most marketers lack are the two most foundational and fundamental skills in marketing today – knowing what to do with data and appreciating that everything is impacted by search behaviors and technologies. Being able to create a halfway decent website for oneself is a least you might expect.

In seeking someone for any marketing role be that through an agency, in an individual hire, or in a consultant, make focus first on those fundamentals. So much so, that I go so far as to say one is NOT a marketing professional if they don’t have those skills. Perhaps you’re hiring for Adwords, to run email campaigns, build websites, or run Facebook promotions. Perhaps your candidate says they do those things well. They lack what it means to be doing “Marketing” today, in that they can’t develop the market at scale, if they don’t have the core skillset of today’s economy – and you can’t work today’s “information age” markets without the fundamentals of that information age.

Consider simply, how can they do THAT job if they don’t have experience with the data, websites, and search? Truly? An email marketer has to optimize those campaign which drive demand to websites and search engines. Are they ready to do that?