Is it necessary to do a paid course to excel in online marketing?

No! No, no, no, no. No one ever, anywhere, any time will hire you because you took a paid course or got certified.


Maybe you SHOULD go that route, as that’s best for you and the way you learn; fine. But no one cares how you learned or that you’re certified (cue all the people who will tell us how much business they’ve gotten because they are certified).

What matters is that you CAN and that you can prove it.

The best way to become an expert is to do it. Do it for yourself:

  • Build a website
  • Put analytics in place
  • Create content
  • Do some adverting for yourself
  • Add A/B testing
  • Send some newsletters

Doing those few things yourself, for yourself, will get you further in this business than anything else you might do.

I don’t care that you learn, I don’t care that someone certified you, and you don’t need to pay anyone to learn any of that – it’s all available online for free. Just do it, show you can by doing it for yourself and you’ve proven you can do it for others.

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