Is there a way to increase search volume on keywords?

Yes, create awareness and demand.

The biggest mistake people make with Search, and search marketing and SEO, is thinking it existing in a bubble like sending people emails.

Everything you do affects Search Engines from the quality of conversion rates to the awareness of your brand.

Do some PR and get news coverage: search volume goes up.

Search is the one practice in your business that really needs to be managed top down as everything the business is going will impact it: developer roadmap, Sales pitches, conferences coming up, a new hire, negative reviews, etc.

So how do you increase search volume? Create awareness for and demand in what you’re doing. 10 years ago, no one searched for “Uber” nor ride-sharing. The fact that they do now has nothing to do with SEO – it’s because of marketing that has created demand for that type of business.

Figure out if and how to be doing social media, PR, content marketing, developing partnerships, participating in conferences, or otherwise. Not just to do those things but because those things create search volume.

Approach the market holistically. Marketing is the world of developing the market in every way ideal to growing a competitive business – if you’re treated everything as distinct channels, silos, or relegating marketing to only Jr. people and agencies, you’re doing it wrong.