Why is entrepreneurship so glorified in spite of a huge failure rate?

Entrepreneurship is and always has been about working where there is a high rate of failure. Begging the question, why is is so glorified?

Entrepreneurship is glorified by people selling you something.

Watch for it, it becomes apparent…

That blog that has a book for sale.

There is an incubator in my town that celebrates entrepreneurship so much they encourage people quit their jobs to become one.

That investor who actually seems to kind of prey on early stage startups and new founders.

Even that TV show, movie, or magazine, that is selling you tickets and subscriptions.

Given the nature of the world economy and the [lack of] loyalty of companies to employees, we’re drawn to the idea of entrepreneurship and so we pay, and risk, for the possibility.

It’s rather like a drug if you think about it.

In many ways, entrepreneur is a drug.

That word I mean.

See, a startup founder isn’t necessarily an entrepreneur and an entrepreneur isn’t necessarily a business owner.

That’s the fix. The hit.

Entrepreneur, as coined by Jean Baptise Say, really refers to the distinct personality type of someone, anyone, who can’t help but see and address gaps in the market, moving resources to do so and creating new opportunities in the process.

That can be evident in any line of work or even someone who doesn’t have a job.

That employee at the company who always and unexpectedly finds creative solutions for things? Probably an entrepreneur.

Your spouse or partner who is raising the kids, who is solving issues with the neighborhood association? Probably entrepreneurial.

And yes, SOME founders and business owners are entrepreneurial but it’s important to distinguish THAT work because some aren’t. And that’s okay, entrepreneurship is like a drug.

A business example of the distinction? Mark Zuckerberg isn’t entrepreneurial. Elon Musk is.

I certainly wouldn’t mind having either’s success but they are different types of founders.

And here’s the bottom line, it’s rather like a drug.

Entrepreneurship is dangerous.

It has a huge failure rate because it’s the work involving most and repeated risk doing new things.

Most of that WILL fail. That’s what it is.

Recent studies are showing that entrepreneurs are among the highest prone to depression and other mental health issues.

It’s a drug. Some are hooked. Some aren’t. All suffer from it. Some get the hit of a great fix. Most struggle along with it until they just can’t do it anymore.

And thus what to watch for in those that deal drugs… if someone is selling you entrepreneurship, they’re making money on getting you hooked. Look instead to those practically altruistically helping people who ARE entrepreneurs. It’s a struggle, but unlike a drug, it is from that struggle that the world improves; so many help. Many sell it to them, that’s the glorification. Others pragmatically help in near philanthropic ways so that entrepreneurs might make it through the struggle.

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