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  • What should every non-technical person know about investing in technology based startups?

    Three simple things: You’re likely to lose your money. Not knowing your experience with investing in startups, let’s make sure that’s explicitly clear. Regardless of the type of startup, 90% fail and Angel Investors aren’t much better at making good decisions. Experienced (proven) Venture Capitalists tend to have better odds so you might want to

  • Does it Make Sense for a Service Provider to Pursue Venture Capital?

    Not in any way that comes to mind. Venture Capital serves Companies (S-Corps and C-Corps) that exchange equity (ownership) in the company for capital. The investor is making the investment in the business with an expectation that they will get a return on that investment in the future, by way of the sale of the company

  • Do I really need capital to be an entrepreneur?

    Need? Capital has nothing to do with being an entrepreneur. What makes you think it does? My stay at home wife is very entrepreneurial. I had a coworking at HP who was an incredible entrepreneur. Entrepreneur is a personality trait; someone always seeing and addressing gaps on the economy. You don’t *need* money to be like

  • Where is advertising money better spent, Google or social media?

    Always Google Adwords. Done properly, it’s an ROI positive spend and you should always be present where someone is seeking you. Everything else after that.

  • On what should a series A company CEO focus (top 3 things)?

    As a startup: Growth Market share Improving KPIs As the CEO: Investor relations Resources Public relations (not PR! More the literal sense of the phrase: relationships with the market) This of course presumes that you have the right leadership in innovation and marketing.

  • “95% of VCs aren’t profitable.” True?

    It’s fairly accurate. Venture Capital investing is NOT where wealth unable and unwilling to lose everything should participate. The recent popularity of “startup” and “entrepreneur” has made it en Vogue to also be an Angel or VC. Here’s the thing… That’s a problem A lot of unsophisticated investors giving advice. A lot of money that

  • What are 3 things venture capitalists want founders to know?

    Team Won’t quit Exit Frankly, in that order

  • Is Entrepreneur same as Business Owner?

    Not usually. A business owner could be entrepreneurial where an entrepreneur likely doesn’t own a business In the startup community, the word “entrepreneur” is as misunderstood and misplaced as “angel investor” and that misalignment challenges everyone. We are forced to waste time. Entrepreneur Founder Business Owner Inventor CEO Chairman Director Principle Partner Those are all

  • How do I stop struggling to make money as a marketer?

    Accept first that unfortunately most are. Marketing has devolved into lead gen tactics and channel specializations (search, social media, “digital”), and such roles are usually early career and ROI driven. If you fall short of expectations, you’re out the job and you make it tougher for the next person; as you’ve lowered the perceived value

  • What is Growth Hacking? Really.

    Marketing.  It’s clever branding for marketing because people in marketing are creative. Marketing is the work of knowing and creating the market. Most startups are completely oblivious of this (something I’m pointing out only because the question refers to startups). Marketing is NOT lead gen nor advertising; rather, those are things marketing does, having determined