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Paul O’Brien

Yes that's my Clark Kent pose; Superman and I have a thingI help startups get funded.  In my past: VP Marketing, growth hacker, startup advisor, and Yahoo!  I wear many hats and for the most part, consult with early companies as CMO. As you might imagine, in that capacity, besides growing your business, I help investors fund startups and help startups raise capital.

I have worked with major brands, startups, and influential agencies to scale quickly, significantly, and efficiently. This, SEO’Brien, is my creative outlet; a forum for some big ideas, thought provoking concepts, tips & tricks, and inspiration. I have made one significant branding mistake in my career; SEO’Brien is neither written by “Brien” nor about SEO (exclusively). Alas, thus is my legacy.

I wear the moniker with pride though, having once been introduced before speaking at Web 2.0 as the man with the best personal & professional blog title; given my work with Search at the time. For over 15 years I’ve been working with entrepreneurs, startups, and medium to enterprise sized businesses to grow through search, marketing, business development, web design, commercialization, conversion optimization, and e-commerce. This blog is a random walk through my mind.  Profiled as one of 25 online marketing heroesA few posts completely off topic while others float from social media to local search, SEM to advertising, industry research to conferences and events. My goal is to learn from you through the discourse here; the hands-on experience I get building this site is evident as to what, too, I can do for you.

I help entrepreneurs understand why they are going to fail so they can
figure out how to prove me wrong.

Have you ever met someone and they’re a little Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Project Management, and even Product Development and you aren’t quite sure how to fit them in a conventional organization? I’m of the new order of human resource; one focused on growth through scale, monetization, innovation, partnerships, and capital. The distinction between B2B and B2C, for a growth hacker, is dead; I work in eCommerce, Local, SaaS, Social Intelligence, Economic Development, Content and Communities, Search, Crowdsourcing, and Payments. Some call that growth hacking, I tend to prefer the idea that I’m a growth architect.

I’ve held a few formal roles, from VP of Marketing for Zvents and Outright, to managing interactive marketing for HP and designing online advertising for Yahoo!. I am honored most of all to be one of the 25 distinguished marketers featured in the Michael Miller book, Online Marketing Heroes, as well as appearing in or writing for Forbes, Techcrunch, Silicon Hills, Internet Retailer, KGO Radio, SXSW, Webmaster Radio, and DM News.

I hope to help you round out core internet concepts, enable strategic marketing, develop your business, efficiently and effectively use technology, and foster relationships that will help you create profitable, scalable opportunities.

Prior Speaking Engagements

Online Market World Stanford University – Web 2.0 Ticket Summit
Webguild’s Web 2.0 Shop.org Search Insider Summit
eTail Affiliate Summit AMA Hot Topic Series
CEA San Francisco IASP Summit Austin Startup Week Austin

Speaker Bio

In 2010, O’Brien relocated to Austin from Silicon Valley where he had launched a series of startups in local search, crowdsourcing, web-based accounting, payments, and social intelligence.  In Texas, Paul advises startups in funding, marketing, business development, project management, and product management, and spends most of his time working to Accelerate Texas as founder of an economic development initiative to fund Texan startups.

Notably O’Brien is a seasoned marketer having directed Advertising Solutions for Yahoo! and later running online marketing for HP’s eCommerce business. From there he led the early growth of startups such as Outright.com (Acquired by GoDaddy), Zvents (Acquired by eBay’s Stubhub), and MicroVentures (Venture Capital). That work, a reflection of Paul’s impact in e-commerce, marketing, entrepreneurship, and search, in both B2B and B2C markets, overshadows Paul’s technical expertise having consulted with various web properties, designing and developing web sites, online communities, e-commerce stores, and web services. Paul was featured in the book, Online Marketing Heroes, and continues to blog at seobrien.com.

Don't take my word for it...

  • Highly respected in his field and a frequent speaker at many top level conference where I've witnessed standing room only time after time. He is a master at explaining search in ways that even the most novice students get it.
    Matthew Gonzales | appbackr
  • An exceptional marketer, particularly in the realm of Search Engine Marketing, where he remains one of the most knowledgeable and forward thinking experts on the channel I have met
    Kevin MacLean | Sapient Nitro
  • Paul has the great ability to juggle 8 balls at once and is a jack of all trades. He is not only helpful on everything related to press, PR, marketing and social media, but has also added value by providing strategic direction/advice and even gets his hands dirty with technical development. He can be relied upon as a trusted partner and project manager.
    Jeff Schwartz | Loop & Tie
  • Paul is a tremendously talented marketing executive with a well deserved industry level reputation for excellence and leadership. His energy, sharp wit, and keen insight into online marketing, make him a standout performer. Highly recommended!
    Gordon Rios | Principal Scientist at Pandora
  • Hands down, the smartest Online Marketer I have ever met. He combines his creative thinking, analytical skills, and attention to detail to create highly effective customer acquisition strategies for HP.
    Michael Brito | Group Director at WCG, a W2O Company
  • Paul is a highly capable change-agent, leading Interactive and Multi-Channel Marketing at HP's Home Store. In particular, his strategic and practical knowledge of multi-channel Search marketing is among the best I've seen from comScore Retail & Technology clients - pushing the limits of comScore's extensive market research to obtain granular, actionable information beyond even the search engines themselves. Other HP divisions look to Paul for his insight and leadership.
    John Miniati | Lecturer at Kellogg (Innovation & Entrepreneurship)