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Emily Roccheggiani Adyen
I pulled him into practically every B2C strategy meeting with portfolio companies at the Austin Technology Incubator. Paul is a rare breed of marketers who understands the entire value chain of marketing.
Mike MillardMassChallenge
Someone who leads by example well, he cares, he cares about startups, he cares about people, innovation, and he has an amazing mind, and I'm blessed that I know him and that he makes me better at what I do, so thank you Paul.
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Paul O'Brien

I work venture capital and media innovation.

Think of me as the guy behind the curtain, working with innovative companies to move venture capital. I can help, let's talk.

Where it counts? I started MediaTech Ventures. We develop for companies and the broader economy, innovations in media, incubators, local economies of scale, partnerships, and the effective use of technologies that result in successful ventures. An example of that?  I'm the voice behind "Texas startups" and the region being a now and future hub of innovation and entrepreneurship.

On the bleeding edge of technology in Austin and from Silicon Valley, working directly with successful data companies such as Sprinklr and iControl, leading Texas Startups, and as an active thought leader and frequent mentor and advisor throughout programs.

Constantly seeking ways to increase acquisition, adoption, retention, revenue, and referrals. A true hacker, rigorous in the use of data and methodology to determine what will scale your business and remove barriers to your success.

Executive responsible sales management, product development, distribution channel management, marketing communications (including advertising and promotions), pricing, market research, and customer service.

Consider the obvious architect analogy... it's fairly easy to acquire customers and fill the "rooms" of your building. It's quite another thing to build a bigger building. Let's start artchitecting your growth.

A marketer these days isn't worth his salt if he can't design and build your online presence. Hire developers to build your software and look to a marketer to treat your website like the front door to the business that it is.

How much time and money should I spend developing an MVP and marketing? Do I have what it takes to be successful? How do I get funding? What are my options, and how do I approach them? What's involved in marketing and how do I do it efficiently? I need to select team members and deal with equity; help!

Whoa... slow down. You need an advisor.

Here for SEO?Everything you need to know...

Before you start

Search Engine Optimization is a practice, not a tactic. Learn why here

What to know

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How to explain

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Matthew Gonzales appbackr
Highly respected in his field and a frequent speaker at many top level conference where I've witnessed standing room only time after time. He is a master at explaining search in ways that even the most novice students get it.
Jeffrey SchwartzLoop & Tie
Paul has the great ability to juggle 8 balls at once and is a jack of all trades. He is not only helpful on everything related to press, PR, marketing and social media, but has also added value by providing strategic direction/advice and even gets his hands dirty with technical development. He can be relied upon as a trusted partner and project manager.

Conversation With Giants - transcript here
Johnny KellyJ9 Partners
Few better returns on investment for Austin startups than hiring SEO'Brien. If I saw "we're going to allocate 10% of raise to hire Paul..." in "Use of Funds" in early-stage capital raise I would be way more inclined to invest.

working with paul3 fundamentals

Let's start with a chat and some advice....

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Marketing starts with knowing your market and enabling you to run your business by managing your place, positioning, price, and performance. Let's work through everything from analytics to KPIS.

Growth & Scale

Customers are a benefit, a result, of great marketing. Are you selling or fulfilling? Increase the size of your business and the scale of your opportunity, then develop the right programs, campaigns, and methods to line up customers.

Technology & Capital

Marketing brings resources to bear; managing your product roadmap, developing tools, designing and building your website, and serving investors as customers, attracting the capital you need to succeed.

Serial Startup Executive, CMO, Scale Architect, Innovation Junkie, VC Developer