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by / Tuesday, 22 January 2013 / Published in Local, Startups, Vertical Search
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Last week, the Cospace brand evolved to focus on serving entrepreneurs and professionals throughout the world as our web service continues to aggregate and promote work spaces; providing economic and real estate intelligence. In July 2012, we launched to index and promote every work environment; connecting skilled professionals with the right place to work.

As part of the announcement, BlindOx, LLC, which owned and operated the Cospace coworking space, announced the closure of the space and the end to one of Austin’s original and most iconic coworking brands.

I am very proud of the positive impact Cospace coworking has had in the startup community.”, said Kirtus Dixon, Managing Partner of BlindOx LLC, owner/operator of the Cospace coworking space. “I will be eternally grateful for all of our customers and colleagues, some of who gave of themselves without any expectation of return. It’s been a great run.”

In the past few months, the new, virtual Cospace has grown to serve over 1,000 spaces throughout the United States and is connecting nearly 100,000 professionals, each month, with the ideal work space.

The tangible significance of coworking is that people working in a shared environment, collaborate. Getting out of the home, and into such a work space, fosters business development, job placement, partnerships, and new ideas. The key to economic development is in helping people with skills find the space in which their talent has the most demand. is focused on matching what you do and what you want to do, with the environment in which you are most likely to meet others with whom you can succeed.

Space owners, operators, and investors are encouraged to list their space with Cospace and leverage the extensive community of entrepreneurs seeking the right work environment.

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TOP Grows to Serve All Work Spaces – Austin’s Cospace Coworking Closes

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