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Specifically hpshopping.com, I was lucky enough to have been a part of HP at an evolutionary time in their internet strategy. 2006 through 2007 put me in a position to run search marketing with extensive budgets, introduce SEO concepts throughout the organization, and experience the corporate backlash to future of social marketing.

What better time to have been so heavily involved in search? Working with the exceptional (pre-Google acquisition) team at Performics, we were doing back hand springs over traditional methods for measuring offline marketing; using search to evaluate the impact of TV, print, and radio by way of search stream analysis and indirect conversion. At the time, I was largely responsible for search marketing, comparison shopping (where I became good friends with the scholarly, eCommerce guru Brian Smith), affiliate marketing, and display advertising on behalf of HP’s direct to consumer online channel. A wonderful transition from my insider experience at Yahoo!, HP honed my strategic and tactical perspectives to search and led to a role in the innovation of local search.

Oh that backlash to social marketing? I was run through some HR interviews out of concern for this very blog and the potential it held for an employee to speak on behalf of HP. Boy have times changed!

Hands down, the smartest Online Marketer I have ever met. He combines his creative thinking, analytical skills, and attention to detail to create highly effective customer acquisition strategies for HP.


– Michael Brito; Head of Social Strategy, WCG