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Next One’s On Me

With NOOM, it’s easy to treat friends, family and colleagues to their next beer, coffee, or cocktail.  They decide where they want to go and what they want to redeem. A Treat NOOM may be used for a latte at a cafe or a cone at an ice cream shop.

My relationship with NOOM is focused on market development and early stage strategy.  An incredible innovation both online and off, NOOM is in the rare position of affecting change in merchant, enterprise, and consumer markets through both the platform and application that fosters real-world treating through the web.

Paul has the great ability to juggle 8 balls at once and is a jack of all trades. He is not only helpful on everything related to press, PR, marketing and social media, but has also added value by providing strategic direction/advice and even gets his hands dirty with technical development. He can be relied upon as a trusted partner and project manager.


– Jeff Schwartz; Founder of NOOM and Loop & Tie