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Don't Fail

The 5 Reasons Investors Pass on Startups

If a startup is going to fail, investors would rather not be involved.
Step 1...

Startup Validation in 12 Steps

Hint: It's not about sales
This Matters

How VCs Get Paid: 2 and 20

When raising venture capital this fact may be the most important thing for all entrepreneurs to know. Before you jump to the often advised conclusion that Venture Capital Funds seek exits or only big opportunities, appreciate first that Partners get paid.
Start Here

How to Write an Effective Pitch email to Angel Investors

Emails and demos start by explaining what they’re doing and how. Oops.
Set the Foundation

Google Analytics for Startups

A solid story starts with rock solid business metrics. You can't close a round if an investor can poke a hole.
Here's How

The Perfect Pitch

Why, Who, What, When, Where, and then How.
Do It Right

The Pitch Deck Slide That Makes You Look Ignorant

The easiest way to flop the pitch? Point out that you're better than competitors.
New Yorker Cartoon; Magic Beans
Which One Are You?

The Tale of Two Founders

The implications of being a founder chasing the Product - Market Fit vs. the Market - Product Fit characterized, brilliantly in the story of the boy with the cow and the magic beans.
How to Exit

Start Up with the Exit in Mind

Whether that’s getting acquired, merely successful, going public, or otherwise, most startups struggle to bring on board resources and capital because they never think through and communicate what the FUTURE means for everyone.
Do It Right

Startups, It’s About Returns to Investors

Gust founder and Venture Capitalist, David Rose, “an angel typically invests in 20-80 companies over a five-year period, with about $25,000 per company; they also tend to invest along with 5-10 other angels."
Have What It Takes?

What It Takes to Raise Money

Investment is born of passion and ideas. Successful businesses worthy of investment are born of the only things that produce results: Innovation and Marketing.
Have You Thought?

What Startup Founders Might Consider Before Seeking VC

Venture Capital seeks opportunity, not a sales pitch. The mindset to have is that you don’t want to have to seek VC, you want investors to seek you.
Growth is easy
Invest in Marketing

Marketing Before Raising Capital

Of course you can acquire those 500,000 potential customers; what are you doing to remove the barriers to acquiring everyone?
Not the Same

How Startups and Small Businesses Differ When it Comes to Funding

Funding doesn’t determine a startup from a small business; the nature of the business determines the funding.
Wait, What??

“A VC is asking 6% for acting as an advisor…”

That’s the start of an all too common question from founders trying to figure out if they should part with equity to get someone involved.