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Here's How

The Perfect Pitch

Why, Who, What, When, Where, and then How.
Do It Right

The Pitch Deck Slide That Makes You Look Ignorant

The easiest way to flop the pitch? Point out that you're better than competitors.
Step 1...

Startup Validation in 12 Steps

Hint: It's not about sales
Have What It Takes?

What It Takes to Raise Money

Investment is born of passion and ideas. Successful businesses worthy of investment are born of the only things that produce results: Innovation and Marketing.
Start Here

How to Write an Effective Pitch email to Angel Investors

Emails, teasers, demos, and pitches start by explaining what they’re doing and how. Start with why.
Set the Foundation

Google Analytics for Startups

A solid story starts with rock solid business metrics. You can't close a round if an investor can poke a hole.
New Yorker Cartoon; Magic Beans
Which One Are You?

The Tale of Two Founders

The implications of being a founder chasing the Product - Market Fit vs. the Market - Product Fit characterized, brilliantly in the story of the boy with the cow and the magic beans.
Growth is easy
Invest in Marketing

Marketing Before Raising Capital

Of course you can acquire those 500,000 potential customers; what are you doing to remove the barriers to acquiring everyone?