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Austin Startup Blogs & Press

by / Wednesday, 28 August 2013 / Published in Austin, Blog, Industry, Startups
Where Austin startups work
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With the tremendous influx of innovators, talent, and capital to Austin’s startup community, I’m increasingly asked how/where to keep tabs on what’s going on. That is, as someone new or moving to Austin, or as an outsider wondering what all the hubbub is about, where does one turn to keep a pulse on things?

Let’s distinguish between the traditional media sources, Austin’s startup press, and those working from within (us bloggers).

Austin Startup Bloggers

I hope you’ll do me the honor of following me on twitter here and I think you’ll enjoy my more popular thoughts about Austin (Where Tech Comes to Life, A Prius in Austin, Texas, and Home of the Social Intelligence Industry).  I don’t think I need to dive into myself more than that since you’re already on my site so here are the other startup blogs I love:

Austin Startup Press

Since the original publication let’s add

I hope it goes without saying that I’m sure I’m missing someone. If you have a recommendation for the list, please let me know below and we’ll keep this, and my layout of the Austin startup community, fresh.

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Austin Startup Blogs & Press
Distinguishing the traditional media sources, Austin's startup press, from those working from within, the bloggers; here are Austin's startup news sources and blogs.

6 Responses to “Austin Startup Blogs & Press”

  1. Andy says :

    The web show 🙂

  2. SEO'Brien says :

    Doh Andy! Thanks, added. Glad to see it going well; let’s catch up soon.

  3. Melissa Mines says :

    I think Joel Trammel’s blog/site elevates the c-level conversation well. He’s Austin-based and a startup success alum and his insights prove helpful to thematuring C-suite. …just a thought.

    Love this list, btw.

  4. Gordon says :

    Thanks a ton for the mention! I find great enjoyment contributing to my blog. I do post several of my most popular articles on the Capital Factory blog but anyone interested in more can find my full blog and related startup resources at

  5. SEO'Brien says :

    Thanks Gordon and Melissa! Great additions and clarifications. Changes made.

  6. Colin Morris says :

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for putting this list together. I’m always open to pitches from Austin tech companies — especially startups. There’s a contact form on our site for news tips and profile pitches.


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Austin Startup Blogs & Press

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