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There is a great school of thought, an interesting debate really, loosely related to the idea that we just started talking about here within the concept of architecture and it’s role in business. That is, that as technology becomes more pervasive in everything we do, so too is that the case in business. CFOs, CMOs,
Last week, the Cospace brand evolved to focus on serving entrepreneurs and professionals throughout the world as our web service continues to aggregate and promote work spaces; providing economic and real estate intelligence. In July 2012, we launched https://cospace.co to index and promote every work environment; connecting skilled professionals with the right place to work.
Wrapping up this year and having spent some incredible time with an amazingly diverse set of innovations (and innovators), I starting wondering if and how the internet has really failed to deliver on its promise. One of the sobering realities of a capitalistic economy is that the almighty dollar, indeed, causes tremendous innovations, services, and

Startup Studio: Women in Tech

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