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Austin, Texas is still an “SEO Community.” What do I mean by that?  I’ve been in Austin three years now and the amount of time I spend advising startups why their desire to hire an SEO is misplaced, is astonishing.  To this day, I’m introduced in social settings here as an SEO, clients refer to

As an SEO, my years and marketing have long been spent trying to convince other marketing professionals, product managers, and executives in a company that the work we do in SEO can not be done in a silo. The success of search engine optimization is DEPENDENT on all other levels of the organization from the

Few marketers, and even fewer entrepreneurs and business owners, realize the significance of WordPress. With the hype and popularity of Tumblr (to be sure, it’s growing like a weed), this CMS (Content Management System) is easily discarded as a tool used by blogs and bloggers. Any idea how many blogs are in the world? I

Monday night I have the pleasure of sharing some air time with Shawna Seigel for a discussion of blogging and eCommerce. Host of the WebmasterRadio.FM program eCom Experts, Shawna Seigel, is one of the leading Yahoo Store experts and founder of 1 Choice 4 Your Store. Blog about your passion for your business The single

For months, years, Google has been lambasted for the decreasing quality of their results. Annoyed by search results page dominated by the likes of Demand Media and other content farms, fed up with comment spam, and frustrated to the lengths everyone will go to own SERPs, the industry and consumers alike have cried from the

What Mobile Means to Google Search

Saturday, 29 January 2011 by

I can’t imagine this is an entirely original idea, it’s come up a couple times in discussions I’ve had with folks the last few days, but I think it’s both a brilliant conspiracy theory and a trend heavily rooted in reality. Google is Most Threatened by Mobile Think back to your experience on the internet

Writing Search Optimized Blog Posts

Thursday, 27 January 2011 by

Whether you run a site or a blog, ongoing content creation is one of the best ways to attract search engines and build equity for your domain. Consider it one of the few clearly logarithmic forms of marketing; while your early work may seem futile, over time, content depth on your site will likely trump