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The promise of Universal Search or One Search has, for years, waffled between the promise of a better search experience and the reality of results diluted with local listings, videos, images, social network chatter, and other content often irrelevant to the needs of the user. Simply, the idea behind Universal Search is that one set

A letter to Yahoo’s Carol Bartz

Tuesday, 13 January 2009 by

Should you be so kind as to spare me a few moments, A couple thoughts on the opportunity before a company with such a renowned history and such incredible possibility. I share these thoughts without consideration of the recent trials and tribulations that have garnered attention; instead, from the perspective of one who, in a

I’d bet you didn’t realize that for all the hype Google receives for having the greatest search share, Yahoo! still reigns supreme as the most used (trafficked) website. According to comScore latest numbers, Yahoo serves 33.6 billion page views per month easily eclipsing Google’s 28.7 billion. Traditional marketers (or, frankly, savvy marketers who recognize that

According to comScore, Google’s paid search click volume fell 7% in January, from the previous month, and were relatively flat with the same period last year. Industry pundits, economists, and search experts are fervent with the data, citing everything from a slow month, to validation of a recession, to the downfall of society! I for

As questions whirl about the bid from Microsoft to acquire Yahoo!, I’m still astounded at how the focus of the media is on Search and what such a merger of traditional technology and internet behemoths will mean for Yahoo’s share of search relative to Google. The fact is, Google’s core technology and search science means

Having spent the past few days with family and friends for the Holiday, I repeatedly found myself in the situation of trying to explain search engine optimization and how websites are not simply ‘found’ through Google. Peppered with questions about how SEO is Marketing or why Google doesn’t just do a better job, I can

An odd choice for the name of Yahoo’s next social network. Certainly, I applaud Yahoo’s effort as the internet brand which years ago should have defined social networking by simply adding connectivity between its users. Today they launch Kickstart, a clear shot at the origin of Facebook, targeting college students and alumni. If ever there