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The Library Analogy Takes Hold

Monday, 08 September 2008 by

The turn of the year brought us Christmas, New Years Eve, and one of my favorite favorite ideas: The Library Analogy. The premise is simple, the easiest way to explain SEO to someone unfamiliar with search engines, websites, or optimization, is to compare the practice to managing a library. I won’t go into the detail

In our industry, we often opine two important considerations:Google’s algorithmThe Question (if you will) of an SEO Most significant to the first question is the process of SEO itself; our constant evaluation of how it works, methodology, success stories and failures. We question how the model works so as to effectively optimize a site to

I’ve received enough praise and criticism of my perspective on Ask’s new campaign that I felt compelled to do investigate the quality of each engine in more detail. As you can imagine, these results are completely biased, being scored alone by my opinion; nonetheless, I felt the experience worth sharing. Within five groups of terms,

Did you know your position in natural search results could be adversely affected by a paid search listing? Weeks ago Microsoft filed a patent with which their search algorithm could filter the organic results to remove any duplicate listings (two domains pointing to the same website). Interesting implications I’ll admit, I’m intrigued and hope Microsoft

New Google Base Attributes

Friday, 09 February 2007 by

My favorite CSE, Google Base (I still prefer “Froogle” don’t you?), has made a significant enhancement to the quality of their product engine with the addition of product attributes to the feed specifications. As I hope you know, Google Base allows stores to upload product feeds so that their audience can find, consider, and compare

The holidays sure keep us busy don’t they!? I confess my recent intermittent posts are not a result of the busy season but attention to new research and my support of a couple remarkable blogs. I anxiously await the results of a comprehensive study of online searcher behavior correlated with online activity and time spent,