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3 Laws of SEO

Tuesday, 19 May 2009 by

If one were to distill all of the considerations associated with search engine optimization (not withstanding the new developments in semantic search), I’ve been asking myself if it isn’t possible to summarize 3 immutable laws of SEO. Hearken back a moment to elementary science and roll with me, so called laws are considered invariable facts

What a whirlwind of change to keep up with! And I’m not talking about the economy. Rumors of Google and Twitter…. speculation of Facebook becoming Twitter…. rapid innovation between blog comment engines Disqus and Intense Debate with one snagging support from Mashable while the other still ignores Connect…. How is one to keep up with

Last week, web site analytics engine Omniture agreed to acquire Mercado’s multi-channel retailer site search and merchandising businesses. Macy’s,, Williams-Sonoma Inc., Sears Holdings Corp., and OfficeMax, are just a few of the major retailers who use leverage Mercado consulting and technology services to vastly improve the effectiveness of their store’s navigation, search experience, and

I’ve just seen the future of link analytics and it is SEOmoz. Perhaps the most engrossing and entertaining presentation at SMX East was Rand Fishkin’s introduction of Linkscape, an advanced link intelligence engine delivering rich data to website owners and SEOs regarding inlinks, related anchor text, trust, and rank. SEOmoz has indexed over 200M domains

My heart bleeds with tears of sorrow at the discovery by iProspect and JupiterResearch that nearly half (45%) of search engine marketers do NOT integrate their search marketing efforts with offline channels. diable pensez-vous?!? (pardon my french) How can we be doing this when evidence consistently shows that a majority of searchers are driven to

The Library Analogy Takes Hold

Monday, 08 September 2008 by

The turn of the year brought us Christmas, New Years Eve, and one of my favorite favorite ideas: The Library Analogy. The premise is simple, the easiest way to explain SEO to someone unfamiliar with search engines, websites, or optimization, is to compare the practice to managing a library. I won’t go into the detail

CNET’s Stephen Shankland has written a thorough review of Microsoft’s BrowseRank, “Microsoft tries to one-up Google PageRank” but its this perspective that really tells the story. It’s maddening to see yet another naive or deliberately misleading article on an innovation in search ranking, that perpetuates persistent misunderstanding of how search works and what makes search