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Did I fall asleep?  I turn my attention from Search for a few weeks (okay, so it’s really been a bit longer) and I return to find major companies running more than one campaign in paid search! To many of you this may not be news; like I said, I’m playing catch up.  Just the

I am very excited about the Unintentional Entrepreneur meetup next Wednesday! If in the Bay Area, I’d love to see you there! We’ll have pizza, drinks… the event is FREE! We’re going to talk about some the fundamentals of a new business; managing income, expenses, and taxes; establishing and maintaining your brand online; and quick,

Last week, web site analytics engine Omniture agreed to acquire Mercado’s multi-channel retailer site search and merchandising businesses. Macy’s,, Williams-Sonoma Inc., Sears Holdings Corp., and OfficeMax, are just a few of the major retailers who use leverage Mercado consulting and technology services to vastly improve the effectiveness of their store’s navigation, search experience, and

What struck me so directly, was how readily available and easily developed this insight was, once it occurred to me to try. 48 hours ago, I shut off a paid search campaign of over 10,000 keywords. The exact amount isn’t as applicable to you as knowing that this was the entire SEM campaign for a

Is that grammatically correct? If S is a consonant, should it be “Can I Get a S?” an S? Who’s going? I couldn’t be more excited; the conference is expecting over 2,000 search marketing professionals, agencies, and marketers and I haven’t been to NYC in some time. Monday through Wednesday next week, the industry converges

My heart bleeds with tears of sorrow at the discovery by iProspect and JupiterResearch that nearly half (45%) of search engine marketers do NOT integrate their search marketing efforts with offline channels. diable pensez-vous?!? (pardon my french) How can we be doing this when evidence consistently shows that a majority of searchers are driven to

Pop Labs Conversion Closing Rap

Sunday, 06 April 2008 by

Poetic Prophet, Chuck, a Pop Labs super star and viral marketing genius (though they deal in SEO and search marketing) is turning interactive marketing concepts into original music. Here, a rap about making the right choices in your online marketing campaigns to increase not only traffic but the conversions you get. I’m looking forward to